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Orgy Fantasy: Putting the BANG back in GangBANGing!

A couple makes love, couples trade-up, five-plus people fucking-now that's a party! Pick your poison: tag-team group sex, pounding double penetrations, six-on-one action, or the ever popular interracial swinger screw, Orgy Fantasy has got you covered. Here you'll find a veritable treasure trove of hardcore smut where the motto is always "More the Merrier."

A Gangbang Goo-a-thon

This is the good stuff, the gangbanging of the gods (well, lesser gods). 3 Guys, 3 Girls, and a whole lot of hole drilling, sounds like a pussy party to me. And these babes really know how to work together, taking turns, humping in unison and such. It's like synchronized swimming, without the swimming and with huge cocks for coaches. Naturally girls that fuck together, share the fruits of their fucking-one bukkake blizzard cumming up.

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A Frenzied Cluster Fuck

This scene is all about "lining them up and knocking them down." Straight up, three open legged hotties and three uber hung dudes makes for one swinging shindig. This is group sex as it was originally meant to be, dirty, anal, and balls deep. Watch how these dick lovin' darlings go nuts for man-goo while they work a cunt or two, now that's multi- tasking. Ambidextrous, I think so!

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Double Penetration Party

Blondie take two cocks at once, one in the pink and one in the stink; now that's how it's done downtown. No messing around, this action is full throttle fucking, all-in ass annihilation, a full blown backdoor bacchanal... and she loves it, loves every last widening inch of cooze filler. See how she sways, hear how she moans, that's a satisfied customer! This just goes to show that less is not more, more is more.

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